Dining table

Archiproducts Design Award 2023
Winner - Furniture

Structural beauty

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by those artificial structures designed purely to supply their tasks, such as those devices you can find in any workshop, handcrafted by artisans to assist their work. That’s because I perceive a sense of beauty in the pureness of design, made of mere functions and calculations without artificiality.

Think about a table as a surface supported by a structure: is it possible to achieve both aesthetic and functionality? I thought about it. We used square wooden profiles with the minimum section to ensure resistance, and with the aid of mockups, we tried out different possible setups. By repeating this process, we managed to reduce the number of parts and join them with a rounded junction, still using the least material possible.
The outcome is an extremely light structure with an interesting three-dimensional joining.

The fascination I’ve been feeling for years had the chance to take shape after a long period of maturation.