The Flow kitchen explores the concept of harmony between form and function along with the gestures of the body in the space.
The characteristic difference in the height of the countertop – which flows throughout the whole length of the kitchen, differentiating its functional parts – seamlessly merges into the detail of the doors. The sharp cross-section keeps the horizontality of the countertop open, emphasizing the fluidity of this hallmark.

The huge stone block used is crafted to adapt and integrate with the other elements of the kitchen; then is re-assembled in its entirety, as a sculpture, to appreciate its essence through every single detail.
Contrasting the grandeur of the stone, the interiors are made entirely of fine solid wood, starting from a lighter and more sophisticated language, obtained by dint of cabinetmakers’ skillful workmanship.
Stone is a material created with “time”; therefore, Flow wants to express the “passage” of time through the richness and the respect for these natural materials, becoming an interpreter of the history of stone and Tuscan culture through the know-how of its craftsmen.