Small tables
B&B Italia

EDIDA 2024 - Best in Furniture
nominated by ELLE Decor Japan

Geometric possibilities

One of the two squares, drawn by a thin line, twists by 45° and overlaps three-dimensionally.
LEMANTE was born from a simple idea of a composition of intelligible geometry.
While working on this project, I discovered the possibility of designing small tables as a group rather than a single piece.
LEMANTE tables create an interesting geometrical rhythm of squares combining the different sizes and heights provided. The transparent tops enhance the deepness creating a dynamic layout and making this product light and flexible to adapt to any space.

While working on this project, I noticed that you can play with the layout of LEMANTE with fun as it was a game. It’s interesting how it stimulates people's creativity and paves the way for an interactive relationship between man and objects.
I feel designing this sort of product has something exciting and can open new possibilities.

The name takes inspiration from the grace of the magnificent flocks of mantas dancing in the ocean.




LEMANTE という名は、海の中を優雅に舞う大きなマンタにインスピレーションを得て命名しました。