Writing desk
Poltrona Frau

From paper to digital

In recent years, society has changed significantly due to the development of technology: connections, habits, and values that have existed so far have been altered affecting our lives.

In particular, the relationship between humans and daily objects is slowly changing.

IREN is a project that rethinks the writing desk in an era where we moved from paper to digital.
The conventional desks are designed for paper users and usually have a storage compartment; nowadays we do most of the work digitally with laptops, so desks must adapt to their dimension, functions, and use.

All things considered, IREN was born as a writing desk whose two-layered structure enables today's workstyle by accessing a storage compartment and extending the usable surface with a simple and fluid motion.

In the world of Japanese calligraphy, there is an invisible but deliberate continuity between points, lines, and characters called “iren” (意連). Thanks to this continuous motion the symbols are in perfect harmony even though they appear divided: this void has an intrinsic “invisible value”.

IREN is a new conception of the writing desk that has evolved along with contemporary gestures.


近年、テクノロジーの発展と共に社会は著しく変化している。それはこれまであった価値や習慣といったものに変化をもたらし、私たちの生活にも影響を与えている。 特に暮らしに関わるモノと人の関係は、意識の外側の領域をゆっくりとした速度で変化している。



日本における書の世界では連続する点と線、文字と文字との間には、目に見えない意識的な繫がりというものがあり、これを〈Iren〉と言う。 文字はその意連によって優美な調和が醸し出される。一見途切れた関係性の中にも、連続性や調和があり、そこに”見えない価値”というものが存在する。