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by Interiors

Material potential

The biggest feature of aluminum honeycomb panels is their flexural strength despite their ultra-lightness and thinness.
Even the simplest panel-shaped product requires high technology and precise production processes.

In this project, we aimed high and tried to make a product by press-bending these panels.
The large curves of the back and the armrest draw a mellow silhouette, emphasized by the smooth details obtained from the solid aluminum frame.

The 17mm panel used for the base can withstand a 3m length; this allows a clean base without all the ordinary structural elements. The result is a smooth and gentle shell despite the “coldness” and “hardness” of the material.
The molded cushion develops continuously from the edges of the shell into a bulging soft shape to give comfort and contrast to the rigidity of the structure.

I think that, with this project, I achieved a new sensation for this material, also expanding its possibilities.
Aluminum is a circular material that has great performances in all its shapes – sheets, blocks, extruded, bars, honeycomb – and I feel we can get the most out of it in terms of design.



このプロジェクトでは、更なる高みを目指しアルミニウムハニカムパネルをプレス加工により“曲げる”という難易度の高いモノ作りに挑戦した。 大きな背のカーブとアーム前方のエッジはまろやかなアウトラインを描き、加工性の良いアルミニウムハニカムパネルの特性を活かした小口のディテールと相まってその薄さを強調する。