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Climate and design

It is no exaggeration to state that a good product with a strong identity finds its root in the technology and culture of the area where it is made.
Nowadays, a chair can be produced anywhere in the world; but while exploring the significance of chairmaking in Japan, I met the “Ai” (藍) culture, deeply rooted in the region of Tokushima, right where the SWEEPY chairs are crafted.

Frame by frame SWEEPY AI is dyed “indigo”, a natural dye that has deodorant and antibacterial properties.
It is a unique and original chair, finished by craftsmen one by one – each one different from the others.

Now that we can see the limits of globalization, the manufacturing that avails of climate can take its chance to stand out.

About Tokushima indigo dye “Awa Ai”

The origin is unknown, but it is believed that it was already manufactured and distributed during the Muromachi period.

Later, with the cultivation of cotton around Osaka, the demand for indigo dye increased due to its compatibility with that material: so the Tokushima domain encouraged the safeguard of the indigo business and improved the quality of its production technology.
The climate and geographical conditions of Tokushima made it perfectly suitable for indigo crops and affirmed it as the main producer in the 8th century.
Prosperity continued until the 9th century, and in 1903 the area of indigo cultivation in Tokushima peaked. However, the importation of sedimented indigo in India and synthetic indigo in Europe increased, and the production of Awa indigo dropped.
Currently, the beauty and natural texture of natural indigo have been reviewed, and the tradition of Awa indigo has been inherited by the "Ai masters" who preserve and promote it.

Indigo has various effects such as antibacterial action, insect repellent, antiseptic, deodorant, heat retention, moisturizing, and UV shielding.
Indigo dyeing, which does not involve chemicals, can be used in babies' clothes and is said to be effective in preventing and alleviating atopic dermatitis in small children.
[Information provided by: Tokushima Prefecture Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Department New Future Industry Division, Source: Awa Ai | Welcome to Tokushima Prefecture, Awa Ai-Tokushima Prefecture Tourism Information Site Awa Navi]


現在は世界中のどこででも木製椅子を作る事が可能だが、日本で作る木製椅子の意義を探る中で、Sweepyチェアが作られている徳島という地域に根付く文化『藍』に辿り着いた。 SWEEPY AIは防臭や抗菌効果を持つ天然染料の『藍』でフレームごと染色。





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